Anonymous (Anderson, SC)

I was in the market for a Carolina Skiff. Looked locally before finding David at Grass Shack online. There was no question that I did not get an immediate answer. When I priced locally they always gave “around prices” and vague answers to specific questions on equipment. When I had David price an equipped boat he provided a written proposal with a break down of all equipment, both standard and optional, with prices as well as the total package. And it was noticably lower than the best “around” price I got locally. He also made some informed suggestions based on his experience that were spot on and that I had not considered. The delivery was as smooth as the sale. They took the time to take me on the lake and show me how everything on the boat worked, even the electronics I had provided for them to install. The service guys know every nut and bolt as was evidenced by my first 20 hour service. In and out in just a little over an hour. Grass Shack was definitely worth the drive! Great to deal with a business that is driven by customer satisfaction.